The Reagan assassination attempt.

I have many questions about the events of this day, the lack of blood once again would be one. The passage of the Brady bill, (Another step towards gun control in the USA), and the fact that James Brady was shot with a 22 caliber weapon. This is one of the worst weapons to be shot in the head with, for it has the force to enter the skull, but not the force to exit. Leaving the bullet ricocheting inside the skull!

John Hinkley Jr, attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981, interesting was the fact that the Hinkleys were long time friends of then vice president Herbert Walker Bush. Hinkleys father was also a multi-millionaire Texas oilman and President and Chairman of the independent oil and gas exploration firm Vanderbilt Energy Corporation. (Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt).

Hinckley’s older brother, Scott, had a dinner date scheduled at the home of Neil Bush, the Vice President’s son, the day after the assassination attempt on Reagan. A March 31, 1981 news headline by Associated Press confirmed this: Bush Son Had Dinner Plans With Hinckley Brother Before Shooting.

This is probably no more of a coincidence the the Bushes friendship with the Bin Laden family, who were flown out of the United States immediately after the 9/11 attacks when there were no flights allowed in the United States.

But the coincidences do not end there!

According to the Washington Post, the Carlyle Group met at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in NYC one day before 9/11. In attendance at this meeting were former president George H. W. Bush and Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of Osama:

The Carlyle Group is a large private-equity investment firm, closely associated with officials of the Bush and Reagan administrations, and has considerable ties to Saudi oil money, including ties to the bin Laden family.

This morning [September 10, 2001] it is holding its annual investor conference at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Washington, DC. Among the guests of honor is investor Shafig bin Laden, brother of Osama bin Laden. [Observer, 6/16/2002; London Times, 5/8/2003] Former President George H. W. Bush, who makes speeches on behalf of the Carlyle Group and is also senior adviser to its Asian Partners fund [Wall Street Journal, 9/27/2001] , attended the conference the previous day, but is not there today (see (8:00 a.m.) September 11, 2001). [Washington Post, 3/16/2003]

9/10/2001 was indeed a busy day. For also it was announced on that day that the government had lost 2 trillion dollars, this at a time when the national debt was only 6 trillion dollars.

The reporter for ABC news on the day of the assassination attempt was Frank Renolds, he recorded the videotape of the assasination attempt, this video which was over four and a half minutes long yet it was on the air in less then fifteen minutes.

I feel like i shouldnt even have to comment on the picture below released by NASA.

But I will.

Where to start…..

Is it a real picture of the moon, or is it the death star from the Empire strikes back?

Well aside frome the fact that it does not even look real, lets take into account that every image ever released from NASA is CGI image (computer generated image). This might make it seem plausible that this is fake.

Next we must consider that the moon is just a little over one quarter the size of the Earth. 27 percent the size. Furthermore is NASA’s recent statement that the Earth is actually oval shaped, hard to dispute their latest finding unless you look at all the pictures that have been released by NASA in the past.

This starts to make since when one looks at the Amazon river. It is the second largest river in the world, depending on where you get the facts of the lenght of the river. Lets take the lenght from:

Where it is reported to be over 2000 miles long (instead of the 4345 mile lenght widely reported.) At the 2000 mile length it is reported to have a drop in elevation of only 150 feet. This seems plausible enough untill you consider that the Earths curvature is basically figured at a rate of 8 inches per mile squared!


1st photo of earth from space

Anything that we base our opinions on must first be proven to be accurate. So if we are given information that is inaccurate, our conclusions could easily be inaccurate as well.

Since our media seems to often release inaccurate information, it seems that maybe the mainstream media is the first media outlet that should be questioned reguarding the release “FAKE NEWS”.

Lets start from the start. NASA was founded in 1958. NASA along with our rocket program was mostly a result of bringing NAZI scientist back to the United States at the end of WWII. This was referred to as “operation paperclip”

Some of the most notable rocket scientist in the world were brought back from Germany at this time. One of the most highly recognized of these scientist was Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr von Braun who was born on March 23, 1912. Besides being a rocket scientist, he also liked literature.

General Leslie “Dick” Groves
Lunar lander from the 1953 science fiction book Conquest of the Moon by Wernher von Braun and Cornelius Ryan.
One very interesting fact about Von Braun, would be his close relationship to Walt Disney. Walt Disney, most well known for his theme parks and his movies, also played a major part in wartime propaganda. He had released over 400 propaganda films for the United States before the end of WWII. His them parks opened in 1953.

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) “Eagle” was the first crewed vehicle to land on the Moon. It carried two astronauts, Commander Neil A. Armstrong and LM pilot Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., the first men to walk on the Moon.

BELOW: Walt Disney and Von Braun.

Disney has also entertained almost every child born in the United States. Unfortuanately many of the films released were full of hidden sexual images.



To be continued.





On any continent if the land mass starts at sea level and you travel across the continent, then the land mass must have a cuvature of 8 inches per mile squared, as would the oceans.


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“No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”


Jim Morrison



If I lived the days for you

And each night love was anew

As a flower in the sun

Such sweet beauty for everyone

Would fall still leave me dead

To start my life in spring instead

Forgetting the words that you said


If I awoke and found you absent

And the days followed the nights

As if children running swiftly

In a race against time itself

Would time gently catch up to me

If only long enough to let me see

Our love was not meant to be


If I dreamed and found you present

And the nights followed the days

As the moon follows the sun

In its journey in the night

Could I capture you in a moment

And hold you in that time

When your love was still mine


If the nights were spent together

And we weathered the stormy weather

As a tree blown to the ground

The best life that it had found

Would we grow again

If so I might ask when

A new struggle to begin


If true love did not die

And to my love you never said bye

As if the past was not the present

As if the future was not where we went

Would you be someone I knew

Would you ever love me true

Knowing all that we now do


Keith lankford


Keith lankford



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