I’m getting confused!


Robbie Parker, who stated a fund for his daughter before he even knew if Emilie Parker, had been hurt, let alone murdered, the fund account was created before the child’s death was even known to have occurred.

Robbie Parker’s infamous video:

Obama posing with the Parker’s

Carlee Soto, who along with every single person that went on and campaigned for gun control with a 8 by 10 photo of their child, just happens to be the same people photographed on the day of the “shooting”. These are the same people that also had time to give interviews to all media outlets instead of taking personal time to grief for their recently “slain” children.

Wayne Carver, “The medical examiner”

Must watch full tape!

Sandy Hook Police Recording.

If you listen to this tape, you will find out that a second EMT was not needed on the scene. One was enough for all these slain children.

The Long gun is found.

Late at night, filmed from the woods?

This is the gun that “Medical examiner”

Wayne Carver states was used in the shooting, although it was widely reported that a assault rifle was used.


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