The US media is leading an assault on the American public on all fronts claiming that the US election has been hacked by Russian Intelligence.


It is a simple fact that the American public as well as the people of the world have been fed lies for at least the past 60-70 years. From the reporting of 9/11 to the reporting of the mass shootings (Sandy Hook), the media outlets across the country are nothing less the puppets serving the shadow government that runs the country.


Individuals that attempt to speak out and tell the truth are now coming under attack. They are being discredited and subjected to inhumane attacks in the form of electronic harassment. These individuals are known as (targeted individuals).


Today (01/16/2017) on there is a article about “FAKE NEWS”,  and it being a threat to democracy. This is almost comedic, when you realize that fake news is the life blood of CNN. The real threat to democracy is this new constant attack on Freedom of Speech. Furthermore the whole premise is as insulting as it could be, for what the mainstream media is really saying is that the American public has such little understanding of what they see or hear, that they are not intelligent enough to read a article and decide for themselves the merit of what they are reading.


So once again what we are being led to believe is that we are unable to even understand the very basics in life, so we now need our government and their puppet media to make everyday decisions for us.


It seems that all information, whether obtained from the mainstream media or sources that are not aligned with it, or the government, can usually be questioned. I would think that as free people we have the right to judge this information for ourselves.


Reporters in this Country are nothing more than puppets reading what is written for them on teleprompters. There is no more investigative reporting unless it is done by people who are not aligned with the mainstream media outlets that constantly barrage the public with a constant stream of lies.



As we look back at news of the past, it seems as though some of it was produced in a hollywood fashion. That would almost make one believe that TV programming, was just that. Programming produced to program us in our way of thinking.

“Hollywood Link Below”


The Rebuilding of Stonehenge

The Hindenburg
Named after Von Hindenburg who was the president of Germany before power was handed over to Adolf Hitler.
Below is a picture of the hindenburg flying over NYC, There are pictures of this taken one hour prior to the crash. All pictures except for the picture taken as it crashes shows a different Nazi Swastika on the tail of the dirigible!

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: Image dated of the 30’s showing German giant airship Hindenburg flying over Manhattan island in New York. (Photo credit should read AFP/AFP/Getty Images)

Hindenburg as it crashes. Notice the Nazi Swastika on tail of the Dirigible

Hete is the video, nice footage that was luckily taken as it flew over NYC and as it crashed



This is a world almost completely ruled by Freemasons. It has been for almost all recorded history, it is hard to find a famous person in photographs or even pictures that are not flashing a Freemason sign.

Prescott Bush. Sold weapons to the Germans during WWII.

The Clintons

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