What you will notice if you follow the three links below, is that the same scenario is carried out in all of the “mass shootings” in the USA. All family members chosen go on endless mainstream media interviews, they all carry 8 by 1o pictures of loved ones that were “killed”. There is always candlelight vigils, heart wrenching scenes, etc. Every one of the shootings have the same look, by design to draw support for the ultimate cause, gun control.

If you take the time to listen to the Sandy Hook police audio, you will find only one EMT was called to the scene of this mass “killing”. This in itself makes the whole story unbelievable at best!

As with the Sandy Hook “shooting” there was a active shooter drill one year prior to the incident at the very same school, and there was a drill on the day of the shooting loacted twenty miles away.


The latest “protest” are carried out for a variety of reasons, to divide the nations populace, to take away free speech rights of protesters, that in actuality will take away all American rights, to stop the spread of views opposing the governments official views by eliminating alternative media, as it will be labeled “fake News” when the real fake media is coming from all of the mainstream media that is now owned by only a few corporate entities.


Nick Begich: Brother of former Alaska senator Mark Begich



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