The McKinley Monument, in Buffalo New York.

Here at the McKinley Monument you will find yet another monument, that reeks of the Illuminati. This 93 foot tall obelisk was dedicated to the late president who was shot and killed by Leon Czolgosz (supposedly a crazy anarchist from Detroit) on September 14th, 1901. Construction of the obelisk began on June 6th, 1905. The cornerstone (As all Masonic buildings have,) was laid by Mrs McKinley at an official ceremony attended by her and other family members.


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The word Obelisk means the”shaft of bel”, bel being another way to write baal, this is the Babylonian and Egyptian Sun god. The three most famous obelisk in the world would be in the city states that all have separate laws governing them, they pay no taxes, have their own police forces, and all have their own flag. These cities are, the city of London, The District of Columbia, and of course The Vatican. Combined they control the money flow of 80% of the worlds wealth.

Apparently New York had misgivings about McKinley being assassinated there, so six years to the day of the murder the city dedicated the 93 foot tall obelisk that was built of white marble. The cost of this obelisk at the time was $105,000 dollars. At all four compass points of the monument you will find it guarded by giant marble lions. The monument is covered on all sides with descriptions of president McKinley’s life

William McKinley was the 25th president, he served in office from 1897 till 1901. He was a Republican and also led the nation into the Spanish-American war  over Cuban independence. McKinley had also served in the Civil War under commanding officer Rutherford Hayes who also won the office of the president and served form march 4th, 1877 till March 4th, 1881. Denali Mountain in Alaska, the highest mountain in North America was named after the late president until Obama changed the name while on a visit to Alaska in the first week of September in 2015.

The McKinley monument in Canton, Ohio is the final resting place of the late president.


At this monument you will also find Masonic Symbolism, the Acacia on the front of the monument is a masonic symbol which represents immortality and is used in Masonic rituals. The fasces used inside the monument above the entrance is a fascist symbol.


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