This will be an ongoing series as I cover every mass shooting or terrorist event that has happened since the 9/11 attack on 09-11-2001, one day after Rumsfeld announced that the government had lost 2 trillion dollars when our national debt was only 6 trillion dollars. If I find the time.


Obama With the Parker family.


Robbie Parker in a emotional video recounting the loss of his daughter one day after her death.

The Parkers had set up a charity account to recieve money before they were even certain that their daughter had been among the victims, as that information had not yet been released to the families.

Here you will see the weapon that Dr Wayne Carver said was used in the shootings being recovered from Adam Lanzas car, apparently shot from the woods late in the evening? This is not the assault weapon that the media reported as the weapon used in the shootings.

Dr Wayne Carver interview. You will notice if you listen that the clothe that these children were wearing were “cute kids clothes”, which is hard to imagine as he also states that they were all shot 3-11 times each with a Long Gun.

Here is the actual police audio, if you listen to the full audio, you will find that a 2nd EMT reporting to the scene was turned away. ONLY ONE EMT RESPONDED TO THIS SHOOTING!

At a speech in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School shooting President Obama tears up talking about Gun Violence in America.

More pictures of Obama consoling the grieving family.



Here are pictures of OBAMA taking time from his Presidential duties to attend a Ceremony for just a few of the Mass Shootings that occurred under his reign of power.

Obama paid tribute to the 12 civilians killed in the Washington Navy Yard shootings

 on September 22, 2013 in Washington, DC. on September 22, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Obama flew to Orlando right after the “shooting” to pay tribute to the victims of the Pulse nightclub


Although there are never ending terrorist attacks that many question were no more then Fema, or Homeland Security “DRILL”. There are also terrorist attacks where the attacker lacks the one crucial factor of ever becoming a criminal, that would be a motive.

As the endless shootings occur in the US, It seems the the United States Government spends more time effort and money on going after American Citizens who exercise their right of Free Speech, then it spends on countering these “shootings” that occur consistently in America. Americans are being terrorized, framed, and forced into compliance to not speak out about the illegal activities of their government, often subjected to inhumane treatment in a land that once valued the right of freedom of speech.

There are cases that the average American would never even believe, for the extent of the governments power over people is often unbelievable until much research is given to the subject.
Below are links to two videos made by former Alaskan Senator Mark Begich’s Brother Nick Begich:

So if research is given to the subject one must wonder if some of the terrorist events in this country are actually in fact created by the government as the “accused terrorist” have claimed.

To think that the American government has spent so much time and money pursuing a objective that it had no use for would be foolish.

I for one find this easy to believe, for I am pretty sure that I have been under the watchful “eye” of the government since at least 2001, when I already was studying their actions and the event of 9/11 occurred. Soon after I was one of the two 9/11 grass roots organizers in Alaska.



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