Blog - The roots of "Electronic Harassment" and "Gangstalking"

I remember some 15 years ago when I still didn’t realize I have “cameras in my eyes” and that “psychiatrists” are playing me, I got into a personal development field and studied some NLP. I remember listening Richard Bandler’s (co-founder of NLP) seminars and he would often tell stories how he used to visit mental Hospital at the beginning of the 90’s. He often in his seminars told stories about a guy named Charlie (he called him “real schizophrenic). When Bandler first came to a mental Hospital he saw a guy sitting on a floor wearing dirty and all washed out clothes. He asked the guy what seams to be a problem, why is he here? And guy leaned over to him and told him: “No, no, I’m a psychiatrist and I’m observing”. I guess that Bandler was just saying to much, he didn’t realize who might be listening his…

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