The Pizzagate Files

PATRIOT NEWS: The White House and the pedophile-protecting networks of CNN, FOX, New York Times, Washington Post and more are lying for the Vatican and the White House while at the same time slandering thousands of us in the Alternative Media for exposing the horrific Worldwide Child Trafficking Rings of the Vatican via Comet Pizza, Besta Pizza, the White House, Voodoo Doughnuts, etc., calling us “Fake News” while they stage Gun Grabbing Psy-op False Flags every other week like Sandy Hook Hoax, Batman False Flag, Tucson False Flag, etc etc….always accuse your enemies of what you are really doing Saul Alinsky said, and that is what they are doing. So here’s how we turn their new slander strategy into a positive: report (as tons of people are already doing) CNN, etc. as the Fake News Outlet they really are.

Disturbing Evidence That Portland’s “VOODOO DONUTS” May Be a Child Sex…

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